My Power Farm
Join My Power Farm, and you will save money on your electricity and reduce your carbon emissions from day one!
CO2 offsetting
What we do
My Power Farm is a company highly specialized with developing renewable energy solutions.

My Power Farm is a one stop solution for our customers.

We do not only develop the projects – we offer a lot more.

We install, connect, maintain and manage every element for our customers. But not only this. We even finance your solution, so you can focus on your benefits: saving money and reducing carbon emission.

Who we are
My Power Farm is a company that is active in the renewable energy sector. We develop renewable energy solutions for ourselves and external investors.

We strongly believe we need to take a serious responsibility in bringing down the carbon emission from our energy consumption.

It is our vision to contribute to the reduction of carbon emission in a sustainable and profitable way.

The group of owners are very experienced in the renewable energy sector, and holds a proven track record on delivering successful projects in the European and CIS markets.

My Power Farm is owned by a group of industrial investors. Our Headquarter is located in Denmark, in the city of Vejle.

At present, we perform activities in Denmark, Ukraine, Estonia and Poland.
  • Savings on the electricity bill
  • Green energy with zero carbon emission
  • Energy independence
  • Reducing the risk for higher electricity bill
Reduce your energy bill without investment!
For homeowners
For companies
For companies

Our SPP is designed exclusively for business and directly installed on your site. You have no investment and we take care of installation, connection and all paperwork!
The best solar generation yield thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment
We offer
Sign Power Purchase Agreement with My Power Farm! Save on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint!!
Turnkey project implementation
Monitoring of solar performance and operation
Certainty as to power price
You are getting
Opportunity to take carbon-reducing step
Avoiding development, construction and operational risks, resources can be focussed on the core business activity
For companies
Project action plan:
Fill out your application and we will analyze your consumption
Sign the Power Purchase Agreement once approved
Design and construction
Direct energy savings and CO2 offsetting
For homeowners
Full support for official paperwork
For homeowners
We offer
Rent a Solar Home System by My Power Farm and reduce your energy bills!
Free inspection to study your grid access
Solar Home System lease agreement
CO2 reduction
List of required documents:
Energy independence
No investment
Turnkey Solar Home System
You are getting
Land ownership documents
House ownership documents
Agreement with current provider of electricity
Passport as well as owner and land TIN
Power of attorney (for the preparation and submission of permits for the "green tariff" by our experts)
We take care of installation and connection to the grid
Sign the lease agreement once approved
Fill out your application online
Action plan
Reduce energy bills and carbon impact
Green energy generation
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